Low Profile Marketing

Unless there is a pressing urgency to advertise your property immediately it is quite often a good idea to test the market on a low profile basis for the first week or so. In order to get your property ready for marketing we need to set up a draft sales brochure for you to approve, take photographs, get the floor plan done and organise the Energy Performance Certificate if required. When you have approved everything we will then get the sales brochures printed. Normally the process takes around a week. During this week we will, with your permission, contact a select handful of buyers already registered with ourselves to let them know that we will soon be launching your property and to give them the opportunity to view the property before it is advertised. At this stage we will only contact buyers we know are looking specifically for a property similar to yours. Most buyers love the idea that they are able to see a property before it goes to market. If they like your property and they want to make an offer it puts you in a strong negotiating position as we can explain that if they want to secure the property they must come in with a strong offer as it would be unreasonable to expect you to reduce the price when it hasn’t been advertised fully.

Low profile marketing can also be beneficial with the following common scenarios:

Want to test the market discreetly before you fully advertise your property?

With low profile marketing we can test the market at a slightly higher asking price. The only buyers who will know about the property are ones that we have chosen and we will only speak to them if your property fully matches their requirements and we know they are genuine. At worst you will have some constructive feedback from genuine buyers before we launch the property. On the other hand you could have a great offer from a genuine buyer!

Are you worried you will sell your property and not be able find another one to buy?

Low profile marketing doesn’t have to be restricted to the first week or so. If you are worried you will agree a sale and not be able to find a suitable property to buy we can target buyers that are genuine and who are in a position to wait for the right house, therefore giving you time to find a suitable property. Not everyone wants or needs to move really quickly and you may be surprised to learn that some buyers sell and move into rented accommodation so when the right house comes up they are in a chain free buying position but can also offer flexibility over timescales. Having a flexible buyer waiting for you will put you in an excellent negotiating position when you find a suitable property. Alternatively if you are marketing your property through us on a low profile basis and suddenly your ideal home is advertised all we have to do is push a button to launch your property fully and there is no mad dashing around trying to get the photos and floor plan done by which time the property you like may be sold to another party.

Do you only want genuine motivated buyers to view your property?

Low profile marketing is ideal for this purpose as we will only speak to buyers that are specifically looking for property similar to your own that meet the criteria that you prefer.

Should you redecorate or improve things before you market your property?

If you are undecided as whether you should redecorate or replace carpets before advertising your property the low profile method can test the market. By only showing a select amount of genuine buyers we will be able to give you feedback. If the general view is that your property could do with a lick of paint here or there you can then undertake the work before we launch the property. There is a strong possibility though that one of the buyers will come forward with a good offer for the property in its current condition which could save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of pounds as the work you had in mind is not necessary.

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